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Hospital Malpractice

Hospitals often do not employ the doctors who practice within the hospital and therefore are generally not liable for medical malpractice committed by the doctor. There are exceptions to this rule, however, as well as other circumstances where hospitals may be liable for injuries suffered hospital patients.  Circumstances where a hospital can be liable for patient injuries include:


  • Injuries caused by medical errors of hospital employees, including nursing staff and other non-physician staff employees


  • Granting hospital credentials and privileges to doctors that the hospital should know have a track record of medical malpractice claims and poor outcomes


  • Failing to adequately staff the hospital to provide the level of care commensurate with the level of care advertised by the hospital (e.g., if a hospital is a Level 1 Trauma Center, then it should assure that it is adequately staffed to handle the obligations of this certification)


  • Failing to protect patients from dangers posed by third parties, including other patients and hospital trespassers


  • Injuries caused by doctors who, although not hospital employees, can be deemed agents of the hospitals for liability purposes; this may include emergency room physicians, radiologists, pathologists and other physicians not selected by the patient


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