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Surgery Mistakes

Surgical mistakes encompass a range of errors that occur before, during and after surgery and include errors by the surgeon, anesthesia provider, and other healthcare providers involved in the care of the patient.  


Common surgical mistakes include:


  • Failing to review the patient's relevant medical history and pre-operative history and physical prior to the start of surgery


  • Failing to administer sufficient anesthetic so that the patient is not awake and aware during the surgery


  • Commiting medication errors that reduce blood pressure and/or heart rate to dangerously low levels


  • Performing wrong procedure on patient


  • Performing wrong level surgery on the spine


  • Failing to keep track of anatomical landmarks during surgery and injuring patient


  • Failing to adequately monitor hemoglobin and platelet levels in patient undergoing surgery in which substantial blood loss occurs and failing to transfuse as indicated


  • Failing to follow procedures designed to avoid surgical fires


  • Leaving foreign objects such as sponges or towels in patient


  • Failing to inspect the surgical field prior to closing to identify and repair injured vessels and organs


If you or a family member have suffered a catastrophic injury or loss due to a surgery mistake, contact Bill Maddix, your Minnesota medical malpractice lawyer, for a free consultation. 

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