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Terms and Conditions and Legal Notice
By using this website, including sending an email to William Maddix, Attorney at Law, you agree to the followiing Terms and Conditions and acknowledge receipt of the Legal Notice set forth below.
No Legal Advice:   The purpose of this website is to provide information about the legal services provided by William Maddix, a Minnesota medical malpractice attorney.  It is not intended to provide legal advice.
No Attorney-Client Relationship:   Emails sent to William Maddix, Attorney at Law, through this website do not create an attorney-client relationship between the sender and the attorney or law firm.  The attorney-client relationship cannot be formed until it is determined that the law firm would not have a conflict of interest in representing you and both the law firm and you agree to enter into an attorney-client relationship.
Emails:   Emails sent to the law firm through the website do not have the confidentiality associated with the attorney-client relationship.  The law firm recognizes that the information you send may contain private information about yourself or a family member. The law firm will attempt to keep this information confidential to the extent it is able under the law although the law firm cannot guarantee that everything sent over the internet is 100% secure .
Past Case Results:   This websites contains information about past case results obtained by Wiliam Maddix, a Minnesota medical malpractice attorney.  The result and chances for success in any give case is highly dependent on the unique facts and circumstances of the case and therefore past case results cannot and should not be used as a predictor or guarantee of similar results in your case or any other case.  
Advertising and Choosing an Attorney:   Although this website is for informational purposes, some states may consider the reporting of case results and other information about a law firm's services to constitute advertising.  Past case results, as noted above, are not a guarantee of future results in any given case. Moreover, the fact that William Maddix, a Minnesota medical malpractice attorney, devotes 100% of his practice to Minnesota medical malpractice cases does not make him or his law firm a specialist or expert in this area of law and does not necessarily mean that he or the law firm is any more qualified than other attorneys or law firms to practice in the area of Minnesota medical malpratice law.  You should use your independent judgment when selecting a Minnesota medical malpractice attorney or law firm.

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